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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  May 7, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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snow. winter weather advisory till tomorrow morning for the sierra. we'll take it. a little warmer on these lows. 0s, 40s last couple days. the wind too bad. there's a little breeze. fso is west at 20. now it's down to 12. a little breezy today. there are gusts to 30 in sacramento. this system has pretty good energy for so early in the morning. it's dropping down. in northern california by tomorrow. . some of that kind of moving back in from off the sacramento area, in the valley, back toward us. farther to the east, a better opportunity. farther to the west, probably not. close enough. clouds, sun, showers. upper 70s for some. better by the coast. you get that -- 60s there. sal, anything new to report? . >> i'm looking at my list. don't see anything, which is good. nice and quiet. and it is. start off with the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see the traffic there is move along noosely as you drive-through there.
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no major problems getting into san francisco. continues to be a nice looking commute once you're in the city. looking at the golden gate bridge, southbound 101, traffic looks good headed down from marin county to the toll plaza, eventually into the marin district of san francisco. westbound 580 as you drive- through livermore. has been a nice drive. san mateo and dunbar bridge traffic off to a good start. go back to the desk. a terrifying attack in san jose captured on surveillance camera. a 13-year-old girl tells ktvu how a stranger pushed his way into her home and tried to assault her. ktvu's fox 2's georgia mean de la v,ga joining us live. >> reporter: yes, dave. police believe this same man is responsible for an attack on a woman that happened -- now, both of these assaults happened in west san jose. we have surveillance video of
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one of the incidents. now, take a good look at these still images of the man police need help identifying. police say he followed a 13- year-old girl home on tuesday afternoon. he told her he was lost. now, as we're showing you this surveil lance video, we are protecting the girl's identity. shows her at her front door. she says the man -- asking personal questions that made her uncomfortable. the man pushed his way in. >> he then grabbed me, so i fight him, and i smash my hand into his face, and that's when he let go of me. i was honestly really, really scared. then he walks a few steps toward me, and i thought he was just going to jump and grab me. >> reporter: but the man just left, and that's when she locked the door, hid in the closet, and texted her father. police say the same man carried
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out another attack at the sua market early last month. investigators say he followed a 28-year-old woman into the restroom, but she was able to fight him off before police arrived. detectives need help find being suspect. they describe him as around 30 years old with medium height and a thin build. the girl says he smelled of strong cologne, and he had an unusually high-pitched voice. they are taking this case very seriously, because they don't want another assault to happen. >> georgia mean de la vega from san jose. this one shows a man breaking into a boutique on west portal avenue last month. you can see him repeatedly throwing a rock at the front window, and win that didn't work, he kicked in the bottom of the glass window, and ducked inside. thirty secs later, you see hum on camera walking out of the store with his arms filled with meds. here are three still photos of
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the suspect we're talking about. take a good look at p. he was wearing a red shirt and dark-colored jacket. bag on his shoulder. s a looks like he's wearing latex gloves. if you have any information, call san francisco police. police in the south bay broke up a large late-night -- at a millipeds shopping center. alex savage is there this morning with the action officers took to clear that crowd. alex? >> reporter: good morning to you. what a crowd it was. according to police, there were at least 300 people who filled up the parking lot here at milpedas square last night for this side show. this shopping center is on barbara lane, right where 880 meets 237. this is what the scene looked like last night. police say there was a side show taking place in the parking lot. it's unclear exactly how it was organized, who organized it, or how long it had been going on before authorities arrived here. but because of the size of this crowd, milpedas police called for backup from
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neighboring law enforcement agencies across the county. that included officers from fr,mont, san jose, and the santa clara sheriff's office who all came in to help clear this parking lot. now, one person involved in the side show was arrested. police didn't say what charges they'll be facing, but officers tell us this kind of illegal event certainly puts the public at risk. >> it doesn't occur very often in milpedas; but when it does, we take street racing or side shows very seriously.
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. last seen at a campsite in western say year area county. when they did not return home, concerned family members called the sierra county sheriff's office tuesday night. deputies, cal fire and the chp have all been searching for them on the ground and the air. deputies have not released the names of the three people who are missing, be the family planned to drive through a remote and rugged portion of the sierra while returning to the bay area. time now 5:06. bart service expected to get back to normal this morning after two big problems caused systemwide delays yesterday. first issue, a 10-inch broken rail between the 16th street and civic center stations in san francisco. bart gave us a photo of that
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gap. you can see the scale of it. not clear what caused the break, but frustrated drivers were stopped waiting for hours for that track to be temporarily repaired. >> a lot of cranky people. they don't want to stop and talk to me, because they're cranky. >> not 43 years old. we believe it was replaced about a year ago. >> in the afternoon, the bay fair station in san lee and degree lost power, and hundreds of passengers were stranded. there took about an hour before pg and e was able to get the power back on. here's what caused that power outage. can you see this? pg and e says a mylar balloon got stuck on a power line. bart added that red circle. you can see it clearly. pg and e says the metallic content in mylar balloons, they can cause transformers to short-circuit. the woman known as the serial stowaway is scheduled to appear in an the you know court on charges of trying to sneak on planes in chicago.
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marlin hardman has been arrested twice in the past two weeks, once at both chicago's major airports, o'hare and mid-way. the most recent arrest happened sunday at mid-way. a tsa agent spotted her loitering at a check point. surveillance video showed her trying to slip through airport security in minneapolis in january. . time is 5:08. a new -- allegations against 49ers line man ray mcdonald. the new allegations being made against another 49er by the same woman. >> first a fake police force busted in southern california. after the break, the bizarre details that sparked the investigation, and how california attorney general calla harris is connected. >> you can see northbound 280 traffic looking good.
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we'll run this down straight ahead. >> not toon in may. we had the radar. had to dust it off. showing signature returns toward solana, contra costa county. could be an interesting day. we'll explain why.
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they demanded that program cuts be reversed and that the special trustee running the school be removed. today the students plan to awe tend a supervisor's hearing on the future of city college at san francisco city hall at 2:00 this afternoon. city college has been fighting to retain its accreditation. hillary clinton stopped in china town for some tea. >> how are you all? . >> fine. how are you? . >> joined by san francisco mayor, clinton visited the red blossom tea company as crowds geared outside. the tea shop visit was squeezed in between two fund raiseers. those who attended said they were excited about what the candidates said. >> she was real. she was talking about
5:13 am
absolutely the critical issues that we need to have addressed, such as immigration, education. >> now today hillary clinton will be in southern california attending fundraisers there, but she'll be back here in the bay area tomorrow for a fundraiser in fortola valley at the home of ebay president and ceo john donoho. immigration reform expected to be a major issue of the 2016 presidential elections. a new "associated press" poll shows 53% of americans support a path to citizenship for those currently in the country illegally, while 44% oppose it. an aid to condila harris -- after a month-long investigation, sheriff's deputies arrested community affairs liaison brandon keel and two others tuesday for impersonating officers. a web site claiming to represent their fake force, the
5:14 am
masonic fraternal police department, posts jurisdiction in 33 states as well as mexico as well as ties to the knights templar, an ordered created to protect jerusalem in 1100 b.c. a man who claimed to be the chief of the fake force stole into the sheriff's department, and told deputies he was setting up shop in that area. people who live in that neighborhood are shocked. >> i only see them with the uniform. so i thought -- i didn't know it was something fake. >> l.a. county prosecutors say the purpose of this ruse is not clear. keel was placed on administrative leave. harris is reportedly concerned about these very serious allegations. time is 5:14. the woman who reported being raped by former san francisco 49er ray mcdonald has now filed a cross complaint alleging mcdonald's teammate, ahmad brooks, also assaulted her. the woman and her lawyer, gloria allred, held this news conference yesterday. the woman says she believes
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there's home surveillance video from september that will show -- girlfriend her in a sexual manner after she slipped and fell on a wet pool deck, hit her head, and passed out. she claims mcdonald took her to his bedroom, had sex with her without her consent. mcdonald sued the woman for defamation back in march, and says the sex was consensual. . a new nfl report finds the new england patriots probably did deflate footballs and -- investigators say several text messages between a locker room assistant and an equipment assistant detailed discussions about deflating footballs. after the afc championship game, the nfl found 11 of the 12 footballs the patriots used were below the league air pressure limit. now, the patriots, they have
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criticized the out come of that investigation. tom brady is scheduled to speak at a public event, but we don't know yet if he'll be talking about that nfl report. >> interesting. 5:15 is the time. . >> i don't think what's going to happen. everyone who follows sports knew this before it came out. >> i was hearing from patriots' fans. they said if they did something wrong, they need to be punished. northbound 101 approaching the 80 split. you can see the traffic is going to be slow because of this crash. now, southbound on 101 is slow as well. crashes reported on northbound 101. in fact, my computer is kind of -- there we. go it's southbound 101. i'm sorry. southbound 101 as you approach
5:17 am
cesar chavez. . two middle lanes are blocked. look at all that slow traffic we have all of the sudden peering out of nowhere. you know what the problem here is. if this crash is there for any length of time, it's going to start affecting traffic coming off the bay bridge from oakland, and once the bridge is affected, we're in trouble. we have to keep an eye on this. if you want to use an alternate route, i think you should use 280 to get out of san francisco for now. it's just reported, they found it southbound 101cesar chavez. move along, take a look at westbound bay bridge. that traffic looks good getting into the city. westbound 580, that traffic in the livermore valley is log good from dublin to castro valley. >> a lot of people are listening, but they're not watching. ''what did he just say?" ? heading down toward the airport downtown. there's a big crash. blocking a couple of lanes; and
5:18 am
as you saw with our live picture, it's not doing well, steve. finally something to talk about. look at this. a lot of this is not reaching the ground. today is day we talked about it. around vacaville, fairfield. you're in the best possible window here for some showers, thundershower activity. farther west, i doubt it. but it's close enough that we have to mention it here. later today, this afternoon, tonight, as this low drops south, then it will start to -- livermore, san jose, santa clara county. it's really close. the is really cranked up. marysville, sacramento north, and snow. yes, snow. on the go in truckie. also blue canyon. the snow level down to 5,200 feet. had some really cold mornings last couple mornings. they're up today. breeze, also cloud cover. breeze is all over the map. north, santa rosa.
5:19 am
south concord. east novado. take your pick. this low is doing a dance. gust to 20 from the west, southwest. everywhere. 0s, 40s, 50s, 60s. 0 up in truckie. they've been reporting snow. there's the low. you might get sun, then clouds. moves back around off the sacramento valley. that's what's favoring -- later today. lake county, i think lake county, solano, contra costa, you're more in the mix than anybody else. 5,200-foot snow levels. heading up there, not be surprised if there's more than that. see the low as it drops in. tomorrow it will be down. we'll be on the northern edge. that's what concerns, right. there really close. if you're on the coast, probably not a big deal. see the fog bank disrupted. right toward lake county, hidden valley lake, clear lake, zipping by. northern napa county. the system is dropping south. thursday into friday, mild to
5:20 am
warm. this is going to true up the fog. also a possibility of thunder shower activity. this time, you get the heat, lift. it's a cold-core system. the days are learning. possibility of thundershowers. 60s, 70s. upper 70s. what's not surprising, there were a couple projections i saw when i do my own temperatures of some 88 0s. if you get the sun a tropical feel. kick it in by friday afternoon. except for night, morning fog, the weekend looks okay. >> i didn't do anything about it. i'm just here to talk about it. >> i like how you present -- that makes it sound nice. >> no umbrella in that drink. time now 5:20. present -- getting behind the wheel after they drink. coming up in 15 minutes, the 2 changes the local
5:21 am
wine festival considering after a deadly crash, one that killed a mother and baby in livermore. >> there were, like, 25 people that were in there, and we all just kind of huddled together to stay safe. >>
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they'd be sending somebody out to contact the management company to try to get that water turned off. this morning, people in oklahoma, can arizona is, nebraska are all surveying the damage left behind by a series of tornadoes. the oklahoma city area was hit
5:24 am
the hard west entire neighborhoods destroyed. no deaths have been reported but at least 12 people were hurt at a trailer park. some animal from a park in alaska were on the loose, that included, lions, tigers, kangaroos. shortly after the warning was issued, all of the animal were captured in kansas, a line of severe storms produced at least 9 tornadoes. >> came over the top of this hill. got into the basement, flung the doors open, threw some debris in the basement. grab we were able to stop, find a safe place. >> flooding a major concern. parts of oklahoma have seen a half a foot of rain. there's flash-flood emergency now, the first time ever in that city, and people are being told not to drive. want to show you video of a tornado coming down in nebraska. the national weather service has issued a flash-flood warning for several counties in nebraska. more storms expected in the
5:25 am
southern plains area through the weekend. time 5:25. scientists say worldwide levels of carbon dioxide reached a milestone in march. carbon dioxide is considered the main cause of global warming. it's released by the burning of fossil fuels. the national ocean and i can and atmosphere i can association says carbon dioxide 400 parts per million in the month of march. that number apparently hasn't been reached in 2 million years. one of the scientists calls it very disturbing and daunting. ten earthquakes in the concord area since sunday. coming up in about 15 minutes, the chance this is swarm of quakes will trigger much bigger and more destructive quake. >> plus pal low alto police searching for the people who shot at some pedestrians with paint balls. why authorities say this is no joke, and what leads they have to go on.
5:26 am
. >> a crash in san francisco, southbound 101. you can see how it's affecting traffic heading down to cesar chavez. where the crash is, we'll tell you more coming up. >> a system that's dropped into northern california. lightning coming out of the foothills. close here we'll take a better look at it.
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. >> rain is in the air. how about that? it's there. highway 99 between sacramento
5:30 am
and low die, getting reports of rain. s a by rio vista. no reports in fairfield or core dealia. folks around pittsburgh,. lightning coming out of the sierra. bay area is on the eastern edge of this. pretty good snow in the syria area. winter weather advisory continues until tomorrow. there's a breeze that's variable. directions all over the map. take your pick. pretty good gusts in the valley, about 45, 30, marysville, sacramento. i think lake county, also into napa county, solano, contra costa. that's the best opportunity. especially up toward, look at this, lake county, northern napa county. a mix of, clouds, sun, showers.
5:31 am
mild to warm. 60, 70s, the possibility of thundershower this is afternoon. sal, highway 101, san francisco. >> not good. . southbound 101, see czar chav,z, there's a crash. that are moving it. southbound 101 is going to be affected by this. earlier it was at a complete standstill. now some cars are getting through. it's moving slowly. this may affect the bay bridge toll plaza. say it again. southbound 101 near ceasa chavez, an injury crash. . right now the toll plaza, not a big delay westbound, but it's beginning to get there. and those metering lights may be switched on extra low if they don't get this crash out of the way. . may have a chain reaction on your entire morning commute. go to highway 4, slow traffic in ant i don't care, as you can see from our maps
5:32 am
and road sensors. 68 so southbound between the venetia bridge and walnut interchange, that looks good. let's go back to the desk. a barrage of paint balls like this, a scary sight for several unsuspecting people in palo alto tuesday night. >> police say five people were targeted, including a man in his 70s. police are now searching for the people responsible. >> happened at two different locations, at the intersection of newell road and dana avenue and on melville avenue. >> tara moriarty, you're here. it's dangerous getting hit by a paint ball. this is no joke. >> reporter: no, it's not fun. you heard of paint ball wars. when it's done in the right setting -- it does. it does hurt. that's why you have to wear protective gear, like the goggles and that sort of thing. though they're small and squishy, these paint -- especially if you get shot in
5:33 am
the face. we visited santa clara paint ball in san jose, where andrew fired off a few rounds, showing us how powerful the toy guns can be. pal low alto police say pranksters shot paint balls at five people tuesday night, hitting three of them, including a man in his 7 0s. the suspects drove an older- model gold sedan and fired 12 to 14 green paint balls at one couple. luckily, none of the victims were seriously injured. but a paint ball instructor says they could have been. >> our guns are turned down. but they're still shooting at 220 per a second. . >> police say the attackers could face charges ranging from m. battery and vandalism to felony assault. luckily in this case, you guys, the victim only received bruises. >> that is lucky. like you said, it hurt.
5:34 am
hurt. >> the neighbors say they're keeping their eye out for this older-model gold sedan. time now is 5:34. east bay wine festival organizers revisiting their protocols after last weekend's deadly crash that killed a mother and her daughter in livermor,. police say the suspected drunk driver, brian jones, had been drinking at the festival in the hours before the crash. organizers of that and other east bay festivals are now considering what steps to take to make sure people don't drink and drive. one possibility is limiting the number of drinks per person. another idea is asking valet parking service attendants to alert security if they think someone is too drunk to drive. an 80-year-old woman recovering from a head collision that took place on the mill valley bike
5:35 am
path. according to "the ma rain independent journal," the woman was walking south on the path tuesday night when she was hit by a cyclist. the elderly woman was rushed to marin hospital with minor injuries. we do not know her current condition. we understand the cyclist was not hurt. this incident took place half a mile from where a child was seriously hurt in another collision involving a cyclist last year. time is 5:35. in the south bay, people who don't like a plan to expand a landfall near their homes, they're going to have to wait longer for a final decision. last night, the san jose planning commission decided to put off a vote on an expansion permit for the newlie island landfall. the protesters, as you can see, turned up at city hall for the meeting. they say the smell from that landfall keeps getting worse. the planning commission says it's looking into those complaints. now, the landfall is on kick's landing road. it's near the milpedas city line. a california appeals court rules police do not have to reveal information from license plate
5:36 am
scanners. the high-tech surveillance system can spot license plates from cars that may be stolen or used in child abductions. the aclu want to dorm how los angeles police were using that information from this surveillance system. a state appeals court ruled records were exempt from disclosure, because they related to law enforcement investigation. now, bay area law enforcement agencies that use these license plate readers include alam,da and marin county sheriff's departments. the new york police department said it is assessing a threat posted on a web site related to the islamic state terror group against the organizer of a cartoon contest about the prophet muhammad. pamela geller organized the contest over the weekend. she is the president of the american freedom defense initiative, and is well known to her opposition to islam. police say the online threat names geller, and they have met with her to talk about it two men started shooting outside the contest in texas before they were killed by police. isis has claimed responsibility for the shooting, but so far, no evidence that
5:37 am
the two again were actually affiliated with the terror group. san jose police are remembering fallen officers as part of a national peace officer memorial. this week, the pain fresh for officer michael johnson. >> [ bells ] officer michael j. johnson, age 37. >> officer johnson shot and killed march 24th, responding the awe call of a suicidal man. johnson's sister, widow, and mother all attended that ceremony yesterday. the johnson family formed a bond with the family of officer jeffrey santana, killed in 2001. the two men were in the same academy class. >> just to give them a little support, and let them know they're not the only ones -- >> chief larry escovar told the crowd the men and women of the department are part of the fabric of the community. since 1849, 12 san jose police officers have given their lives in the line of duty.
5:38 am
>> very emotional. time is 5:38. still ahead, a man tries to sexually assault a 13-year-old bay area girl, and it's all caught on surveillance cameras. coming up at 6:00, the hunt for the suspect who police say is linked to at least two attacks in the south bay. >> plus police across the south bacon verge on this shopping center in milpedas. a large side show taking place here. how many people were involved, and what it took to clear the crowd. >> good morning. looking at the commute here in san francisco. it doesn't look good. southbound 101, there's a crash at cesar chavez. they are making progress. still recommend you use an alternate. more about this coming up. . >> rather dynamic low dropped in. >> there's some rain close, highway 99 and lodi. getting closer here.
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this is the shopping center here on barber lane. this is where the shied show was taking place last night. this is barber lane. right near where 880 meets 237. here's what the scene looked like last night. police say a side show was taking place in the parking lot. they got calls to come down
5:42 am
here and deal wit. unclear exactly how this event was organized or how long it had been going on before authorities arrived here. but because of the sheer size of this crowd, milp,das police immediately called for backup from neighboring law enforcement agencies across the county. that meant officers from fremont, san jose, and the santa clara sheriff's office all came in to help clear out the parking lot, and as they did so, there was one person involved in the side show who was arrested. >> police officers moved through the crowd, and attempted to ask them to leave. at one point, an arrest occurred, and the officers made that arrest, and the crowd was becoming a little unhappy about that arrest, and was challenging police officers. >> reporter: now, police didn't say what charges that person who was taken into custody will potentially be facing, but when more officers were called to the scene -- or i
5:43 am
should say, however,, when that arrest was taking place, a lot of people became agitated. that's when more officers were called here to the scene. again, eventually, pam, they got this parking lot all cleared out, cars cleared out after some time, and there were no injuries out here to police officers or anyone else. >> which is surprising, considering that crowd. 5:43 is the time. seismologists do not expect that flurry of earthquakes in the east bay will trigger a much bigger and destructive quake. as we reported live, three quakes hit the concord area between 7 and 7:30 yesterday morning. the strongest, a 3.5. these were part of a swarm that began sunday with a 3.6 and 3.0. there have been at least 8 other smaller quakes in the aim area this week. a pleasantville homeowner said a quake knocked a branch off his tree, which
5:44 am
fell. >> pretty surprised. the whole time i lived here, i've never seen any of these trees break like that. >> i felt many my whole life living in the bay area. i don't know why there are so many in this area. >> seismologists are not certain if the swarm came from the concord fault or a splinter fault, but the concord green valley fault has a 4% chance of being the source of a magnitude 6.6 quake in the next 30 years. time is 5:44. in nepal, reconstruction has started to repair an historic building. some of it temples and palace there is, they date back to the middle ages. people say the government is moving too slow. they're working on these cherished monuments themselves. engineers going from home to home, checking to make sure those homes are still livable. a lot of people in nepal have been living in tents since that magnitude 7.8 quake, so far killed more
5:45 am
than 8,000 people. . they used candles here to make an out line of a map of nepal and the flag. students from nepal who came to the u.s. to study, they started a fund raising drive. they collected $4,000 in donations. they also want to teach others about nepal, their homeland as well as its traditions and its people. today there will be a vote in the u.s. senate on legislation that would give congress a chance to review and possibly reject any final nuclear deal with iran. today's scheduled vote comes as the u.s. and five other nations are still in negotiations with iran. negotiators hope to reach a final agreement by june 30th on a deal to curb iran's nuclear program in exchange for relief from economic sanctions. the white house has warned congress not to pass legislation that would interfere with the negotiations for limit a final deal. the polls are of in great britain in what's being called the tightest race in a generation. david cameron is running neck
5:46 am
and neck with his opponent ed milvan. after months of campaigning, neither cameron's conservative party -- you know, party will get parliament's seats for a ruling majority. depending on the out come, it could take weeks to form a new government. welfare to show you this video. harlem globetrotters at the vatican, teaching the pope a couple of tricks. taught pope francis how to do a finger roll. well kind of. the pope was a good sport. let me try this again. spin it. . it was all in fun, and the globetrotters loved him. he loved them. afterward, the players said they met a lot of famous people over the world, but meeting the pope, it was fun, but also a little intimidating. i mean, he's the . sal did.
5:47 am
i got a picture of you. you know -- it was fun to meet. i'm sure the pope had a good time. who doesn't like the harlem globetrotters. >> you got that right. >> a little improvement on that crash we've been following highway 101 southbound. fortunately, the injuries were not major, but getting the cars out of the way, that's another story. they're trying to do that. there looks like there could have been two crashes at that site. they moved one of them completely off the freeway, the other one still on the right-hand shoulder, but i do not recommend using highway 101. instead want you to use 280 as an alternate. it will be much better for you. this is a look now at the bay bridge toll plaza, and this might be a little slower
5:48 am
than usual, because -- to come date that slow traffic of san francisco. we are going to have a big delay. commutes are not bad. this is a look at the contra costa county commute. 680 looks good from concord to walnut creek in west contra costa county, from heck lows to richmond, traffic is off to a good start. now let's go to the weather, and steve is alling for a possibility of showers. >> you were looking at the traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza. i was looking off in the distance. you see the clouds. get that back up there, that shot. >> let me see. >> i'm putting the control guys on the spot here. >> nice. >> there's pretty good build- ups, and big-time lightning coming out of the mother lode. close today. look at that. the fog has been disrupted. we're going to pan -- this must be joe johnson. we're taking this to the control room. there's pretty good buildups already. there's been reports of rain
5:49 am
from sacramento to low die to highway 99. so it's close. we're getting close. we're just on the western edge of the system. i still think lake county, napa county, solano and contra costa are going to be close today. thank you very much for doing that. san francisco, though, the water temps are cold. 50s. but kind of -- partly sunny day. warmer. 66 today. each day coming up about 2 or 3 degrees. yesterday was 63. napa, a lot of clouds, showers, possible thousands. starting off 48, 62. i pick things up later today. you can see what's happening. coming out of the sierra, wrapping around. now heading out toward ant i don't care. very close. ruo vista. here's where holly pines reporting big lightning. turns to snow. there's a winter weather advisory. truckie has light snow. south lake tahoe has light snow. we'll take it.
5:50 am
if you're getting light snow, you can let me know. 40s and 50s on the temps. that's the coldest i've seen san francisco. bodega bay 49. low 0s now half-moon bay. that's good. need that cold. the breeze is up all over the place. it's variable, north, east, west. take your pick. it gusts to about 30 in the sacramento valley. sacramento 59. they're in for rain. be pretty good rain throughout much of the sacramento valley. in the sierra, that winter weather advisory already kicks in. there could easily be more than that some of the higher elevations. snow pretty go ahead for may. . depend where it's rotates around. just on the edge of that, which is why farther to the east, you have a better opportunity for picking up shower, thundershower activity. kind of like spokesin a wheel. not much now. get a little and heating. that low drops south toward northern california by tomorrow. a little afternoon heating there. it's a cold system as well. you get a little lift here. that could fire some thundershower activity later
5:51 am
today. not so much i think on the coast, but areas to the north and also -- santa clara valley. mild to warm air. the fog has been disrupted. 60s, 70s. maybe near 80 for a few. i was his at&t to do that. but because this low is dropping in, getting a strong south wind. that could do it. showers, possible thousands into friday. the northeast is going to be about 90 degrees. >> wow. >> 90 degrees, hot, humid. >> muggy. >> finally the pattern has changed. all the winter long they were cold. we were warm. now look what happened. too little too late. >> wow. >> in oklahoma city yesterday -- >> oh my gosh. >> in 24 hours. >> they're hit with everything. >> think about that. think about that. >> all for the weekend. 5:52 is the time. the oakland zoo wants your help to name the first baby boo back boon. the boy was born april 1st.
5:52 am
no april's fools. the zoo is holding a naming contest for the little bam boon. the options are maroo, which means son or maliki. mali meaning sir. the names are swahili. if you want to vote, we have a link to the zoo's naming contest. time is 5:52. the nfl, they signed what they say -- probably did deflate those footballs. >> the drought is taking a toll on california avocado farms. after the break, the drastic measures being taken by farmers, and how it will change the taste of the avocados used.
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they're producing a lot less product. as a result, the experts say, you and i, the consumers, may have to rely on foreign imports. wendy's announced plans to sell off restaurants. wendy's stock rose 7% on the news. the hamburger's chain also selling its bakery operation. the move is expected to generate up to $475 million in cash. wendy's also reported 1st quarter results that beat expectations yesterday. san francisco glide memorial church celebrating a much-needed makeover to its kitchen. the church held an event last night to bring together key donors who made the $450,000 renovation possible. glide served about 900,000
5:57 am
meals a year. during construction, glide says the meals will still be cooked and served to those who need something to eat. time is 5:57. the police search this morning for the people shooting paint balls at unsuspecting victims. >> and sales of t,slaa's new home-based battery pack soaring. .
5:58 am
(music) hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! (music) introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle.
5:59 am
the search effort in a rugged and remote area near lake tahoe. mornings on two continue. >> from ktvu fox two, this is mornings on two. >> good morning. thanks for joining us. 6:00 right on the dot. i'm pam cook. >> brand-new day. check weather and traffic, and
6:00 am
the weather is keeping steve busy. >> pictures starting to come in. >> getting close. a lot of lightning in the sierra -- there's snow in the sierra involved. disruption of the fog bank. the water temps are really cold. yes, the cloud cover associated with the low starting to move in. it's producing rain to the east. this is from -- we built this city on twitter. glenn park san francisco


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